Julia Grace

Hi! I’m a vegan strength and conditioning, competitive athlete and coach. I specialise in power-lifting, handstands, and Animal Flow.  My clients are women and men between 21 and 69 years of age who want to get stronger, move better, and eat better.  

Some of my clients compete in power-lifting, and some just want to get strong enough to be comfortable doing daily tasks, lifting playing with their kids or grand kids.  Some of my clients want to nail their first handstand, and others just like to build confidence and mobility with Animal Flow.  

I also help clients reach a healthy weight and develop a good relationship with food by providing coaching on nutrition in a simple way that actually works.  
My clients enjoy feeling healthier, stronger, and more mobile.  They like that sessions are fun, while working hard.  Their goals are achievable, even though challenging.  Sessions have a clear focus and sometimes auto-regulated.


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