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I was introduced to Strini and Ruth in 2011 by my wife when I was looking for a way to get into shape. What made Strini stand out to me when I first met him was his passion for life. His enthusiasm and positive attitude was infectious and empowering. Over the next 3 years my relationship with Strini and Ruth went from client/trainer to friends and has grown to the point where I now consider them just like family. This bond has been built on trust, transparency, honesty and there ability to push you to your boundaries so that you not only reach your physical goals but you become a stronger person.

In 2011 I made a conscious decision to make a lifestyle change as I was close to 130kg and was told by my doctor that if I didn’t do this he would need to give me pills for High blood pressure. As a former professional sportsman and only 34 years old I was embarrassed. I decided to make the change and created a bucket list of fitness goals to train for. For 2011 I joined an MMA gym where I met Ruth and Strini who were part of the management and training team. In 2012 I trained for and completed my first ever half marathon. In 2013 I set the bar higher and decided to do a body building competition. I knew that there was only one team that could help me achieve this. I approached Ruth and Strini and asked them to help me achieve this goal. In 14 weeks they worked alongside me to achieve my goal. Strini made sure my training was varied, structured and challenging. Ruth help me with my nutrition teaching me about what to eat and how to eat. Together they held me accountable and made sure I stayed on track. On August 24 I stepped on stage and completed my bucket list fitness goal 2013, of doing a body building competition. I was around 93KG and 9% body fat. I was in the best shape of my life. I could not have achieved this without the help of Ruth and Strini. Their expertise, honesty, encouragement and compassion set me up for success.

Anthony Seuseu INBA Body Building Competition (back)


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