Fun! Training with Strini

My wife Tania & I have been a client of Strini for the last four years or so. At first Tania & her sister started seeing a personal trainer “just to get a little fitter”. Well before too long she was coming home from her 6:30 am exercise sessions beaming with energy & raving about the trainer that was putting them through their paces.

Myself, I hadn’t exercised seriously for four or five years – mainly being due to the fact I was “too busy” or “didn’t have time” or probably “just a lack of motivation”.

After a couple of months I had to see this little dynamo for myself & see what my wife was on about. Well she wasn’t wrong. I recall the first time I met Strini … 6:30am, me still half asleep & into his gym we walk … music blearing and Strini with a big white glowing cheeky smile & obvious energy to burn … “what the heck have I let myself in for” I thought.

Well here we are four years later & I am more motivated than ever to keep my exercise & fitness going. I have tried to think of words to describe best the last four years, here goes … results, variety, fun training, intensity, never boring, motivating, holistic advice, diet, challenging.

Without doubt Strini is by far the best personal / fitness trainer that I have come across & worked with in my entire sporting life. He is an obvious expert in his field with more knowledge &, most importantly, experience than anyone I have met & known. I am not one to take orders especially well from anyone that I don’t have utmost confidence or respect in. Well, Strini does have my utmost respect & confidence – he knows what he is on about. Most importantly he practices what he preaches 110%. He is a true professional in what he does & is passionate about his clients & their health & wellbeing.

The results that Tania & I have achieved through Strini’s hard work, motivation & guidance has exceeded our expectations when we started seeing him four years ago.

If you are fortunate enough to come across him & have the opportunity for him to train, motivate or guide you … from my experience you should grab it because there is no one better.


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