Gerard Ross – Kickboxing Winner

I first walked into Strini’s office weighing in at 110kgs and completely out of shape. With a bit of hard work and a lot of motivtation from Strini I stepped into the ring for my first ever kickboxing fight 4 months later weighing 93kgs. I won that fight via 2nd round TKO. A few days later I found out that I had another fight booked, this time it was boxing. So it was straight back in the gym for me. A month later it all paid off after I won a unanimous decision in front of a big crowd. But the biggest highlight was watching my opponent gasping for air slumped down in his corner, while I stood barely breaking a sweat with Strini in mine.
The journey though all this for me has been huge. Having dropped a significant amount of weight whilst cutting body fat and getting stronger it’s easy to see the physical side of things, but the big changes for me have all been mental. The challenges of training and fighting have made me a much more disciplined and confident person, and that helps me not only in the ring or the gym but in life. I owe all of this to Strini. He’s given me the mindset and the physical tools to be successful in whatever path I choose.
To anyone who has a fitness goal or wants to take their sporting career to the next level I can’t recommend Strini and Physical Impact enough, stop wasting your time on the couch and get stuck into it!


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