Kate Lacey’s weight loss story

Before I started working out with Strini and Ruth I was the heaviest and most unfit I have ever been and enough was enough! I wanted someone that I knew I would get results with. With Strini and Ruth they made it clear from the beginning there was no messing around and if I slipped by not showing up or committing to the work outs/ and food plan I would be cut! That is exactly what I needed!
Stini is super motivating and pushes me in every session! I also love his workouts as he always has new exercises that keep things fresh and interesting Ruth’s expertise in nutrition has given me so many different meal options so I don’t get bored, and don’t crave for the unhealthy foods I previously ate, weight loss was a natural result. She is so approachable and understanding of my needs. Ruth doesn’t sit in judgement of me she simply gives me good advice in a caring thoughtful way. I feel that they both care about me as an individual not just a client.
In the 12 weeks I have been working with Strini and Ruth I have lost 11kgs! I feel extremely motivated and wish to turn the knowledge and good habits they have taught me into a lifestyle.
Kate Lacey


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