As Long as its “Fat Free” its Fine… Right…?

  • Posted By: Physical Impect Team
  • Posted On: October 14, 2018

As long as it is “fat free” its fine right?


In the past the focus has been on reducing fat to ensure a healthy diet but the focus has shifted. We are now becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of refined sugar, which has been alluded to as the modern age poison, toxic and strongly related to the obesity epidemic. As a population we are consuming more sugar than ever before. The problem is that more sugar leads to an unbalanced diet.

If you have a sweet tooth and love your lollies try this recipe, which is easy to make, yummy, and also looks pretty.

These  lollies are made from Weight Watchers jelly,which are low calorie, low carb and come in a few great flavours. I use two
flavours just to keep things exciting and pretty (love the colours!) but one
flavour works fine too.

  1. Make one packet of jelly using half the amount of water as instructions (i.e. one cup instead of two). I sometimes use a little Zero Water to enhance flavour.
  2. Pour jelly into silicon muffin tray.
  3. Leave in fridge to set. If you want two flavours then repeat the above process and pour second flavour over set jelly.
  4. Once set, use a knife to gently lift jellies out of the tray and store in fridge for snacking. These can even go into Ziploc bags and chilly bins as picnic snacks.

You can eat all 6 for just 72 calories and under 1g of carbs!


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